Friday, November 13, 2009

The First Person to Walk Around the World

I am hoping to fulfill one of my ambitions in January, when I visit my 100th country, but there is another one that realistically I don't think I'm ever going to achieve, and that is to walk around the world. Why am I not going to achieve it? Well, one reason is that I just don't think my feet are up to it. But, more important still, sometimes in my travels I have to consider other people, and as such a journey would take around four years and I know my wife wouldn't want to do it, I'll just have to pass on this one and take my hat off to someone who has acually done it, the first person to walk around the world, Dave Kunst, who achieved this feat (puns are fun) between 1970 and 1974. He was accompanied by his brother, John Kunst, who was shot dead along the way and so never made it.

Some people just don't seem to get the fame they deserve. One of them is Tim Berners-Lee the inventor of the World Wide Web, and another is Dave Kunst. Dave walked 14,500 miles, took twenty million steps and wore out twenty-one pairs of shoes along the way. He even found time, when he was walking across Australia, to meet the woman whom he was later to marry.

You can see Dave telling how he did it here:


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  1. The fact I can see is you walked around the world in your special way... I did'nt know Dave Kunst, and now... as we can say in french, I got ants in my legs... and would like to walk too... So I walk in my head, not because of my feet ;)

    I hope you'll continue to walk, even if it's not with your feet...

  2. You have achieved more than some who have no dreams or wishes. How sad about Dave Kunst's brother. Just thinking of all that walking I need a nap. Have a golden weekend Ian! xo

  3. wow, that's awesome, i'm jealous XD you've been anywhere <33

  4. Ian, you did something a lot of people (I first!) dream of! I think you must be proud of yourself, as sure is your wife!
    Have a nice weekend, and...I am curious about your 100th country!

  5. Since I love to travel but hate to fly (and pretty much every mode of transportation there is)I think I would love to walk around the world.

  6. it never crossed my mind to walk around the world... maybe i´ll start with el camino de santiago... happy weekend ian! no tattoos huh? :)

  7. it's still a cool dream! maybe you could fly instead? wow - i've never heard of the guy who invented the web - that is shocking!

    hope you have a fun weekend, ian!

  8. And do you want to walk in... yourself ???

    You have been tagged by me !! Seven confidences... Do you want to play and post something about that ????

    Have a nice day !

  9. I've thought about sailing but never walking. wow that is interesting. So sad about Dave's brother.
    Happy Day.

  10. While this is amazing, it is not for me! Have a great week!

  11. Sounds like a great idea. I'm going to start right now.


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