Thursday, November 18, 2010

The History of Love in Afghanistan 3

"All right".

The watch on her breast pocket moved.

I hadn't expected her to say yes.

Neither of us smiled. It was, if anything, a moment of extreme gravity. My head, until then empty of everything other than memories of school and family, suddenly flooded with future possibilties.

Some of the patients stopped to watch us; two continued walking towards the trees at the edge of the lawn.

"How about going to the pictures?" My voice seemed to have found a higher pitch.

"All right." Hers was so calm.

"What time do you finish work?"

"Six, but I'd like to go home to change first."

That first encounter was so matter of fact and innocent. In the light of what has just happened, that seems almost shocking.

To be contd.


  1. In French I'ld say there is a "décalage" (kind of gap) between the feelings and the reality. May be it's one of the most amazing thing about love. You show that perfectly well!

  2. moving...
    you picture and say it well.
    to be contd. soon?

  3. A very intense encounter, need the next part!
    ps: I've tagged you on the books / 15 authors (if you want!)