Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Corner View 1 - Scenes From My Daily Life

These two photos are my contribution to Corner View, a project by a group of bloggers to share scenes from their daily lives. The first photo is of the stall where I buy my fruit. The owner is a really nice guy from Kerala. His name is Bankaj and he sells fruit from the local plantations very cheaply: mainly bananas, coconuts and papaya. The bananas cost less than 80 cents per kilo. Sometimes I drink some fresh coconut juice here too on the way back from the gym. The second photo is of my local beach. I like to come here sometimes after work. It's not always this empty as it's becoming increasingly popular with Scandinavian tourists seeking a winter tan.

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  1. Images like the first are always of interest.

  2. Toto, I've a feeling we're not in Kansas any more!

  3. Ian, I would love to walk out my door to get a fresh coconut. I love coconuts! Beautiful photos. I came over from Jane's blog. This is going to be fun to do every Wednesday. Enjoy!

  4. WOW thats a nice place to spend a vacation...just followed you..thanks for droppin by in my blog..

  5. thanks for the link!!
    interesting seeing a COMPLETELY different corner view to mine!!

  6. would like having some fresh fruits on my table instead of my computer right now ...

  7. oh wow, that´s so totally exotic every day life what i see in your blog..
    i wish i could buy few bananas from that place there too;)

  8. I have allready spend some time doing my Corner View World Tour and oh I´m green with envy.
    Fresh coconuts, the best hangout after work ánd a beach.
    Please please please, adopt me! ;))

  9. Hmm, I feel pretty bad for you.. I mean it's not like you live anywhere amazingly BEAUTIFUL! (are you sensing the sarcasm??) I just posted mine too. Thanks for playing along.

  10. Thanks Caitlin, I've added you to my links.

  11. You live in paradise! I am green with envy right now, but happy for you :-).

  12. Annie, for several weeks a beautiful African Paradise Flycatcher lived in the tree outside my office window, but he's flown away. I miss him. The trees are now full of weaver birds' nests, hanging like lanterns, because the Ruppell's Weavers are hatching their young.

  13. OMG Ian! Really? This is what you see on your way back from the gym? Amazing! This is going to be so much fun! Thanks for playing along! Un big beso!-Jane

  14. Yes, the gym is in the health club at the beach resort in the second photo. There's a nice oudoor restaurant, which you can also see in that photo, where they do a great seafood buffet, including delicious local lobster. Thank you for starting the Corner View project. Un abrazo!

  15. wow! what a beautiful place! being from denmark i TOTALLY get why my fellow scandinavian folks choose to hang out at your place this time of the year. well, even me, coming from a hot and sunny place wouldn't mind spending a week or three right there in that first beach chair.

  16. What an amazing blog!!! Your photography is amazing as well!! I love your ambition! We would love to be world travelers... soon, hopefully! Thanks for the visit! We'll be back here for sure to keep up with your adventures! Cheers!

  17. Iam, you are a gifted photographer and your stories are amazing. Your journey is truly your life' work. Baya

  18. What a beautiful name where you live. Salalah. Your beach looks lovely and warm :) I added some more beach pics to my post. Isn't this just fun!

  19. That is an awesome view!! Thanks for sharing.

  20. Beautiful. This reminds me of an island off the Caribbean. Just like paradise.

  21. wow! the word paradise comes to mind. amazing fruit stand. our local produce markets aren't quite as enticing. fresh coconut juice? big sigh.

  22. I would love a place I could walk up and buy fresh fruit like that. The U.S. is sadly missing local and private run open stands. It's one of my favorite reasons for running down to Mexico....the fresh fruit on cards and stands.
    Beautiful pictures!

  23. Blogging has really opened my eyes to the world beyond my front door.

  24. Wow!
    I want to live in your corner!
    Even if that means been all red and burn from the sun...

    I posted mine a little late...

    Saludos desde Argentina!

  25. Ian--truly beautiful! I love all of your photography!

  26. Thanks for all your nice comments. Cele and Girl in the Yellow Shoes, I'll add links to you. Spread the love.

  27. ian,
    can you please, add me too, to your corner view links. thanks!
    ritva from

  28. Love the fruit stand but I love the beach view even more.
    Great pictures.

  29. Cool, I'm in.

    I blog about daily livings too. My blog at