Friday, October 2, 2009

Latvia & Lithuania

I followed up my journey around northern India, Bangladesh and Bhutan with a ten-day visit to Latvia and Lithuania, my 97th and 98th countries. After battling through monsoon rains and landslides in the Himalayas and the incredible traffic jams of Calcutta and Dhaka, it was nice, easy travelling in perfect north European summer weather. I was particularly impressed by the beautiful architecture of the capital cities, Riga and Vilnius. In fact I liked Latvia so much that I would quite like to live there one day.

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  1. 99 has been and gone. It was Qatar last month. 100 will probably be Sri Lanka in January.

  2. Thnaks for the discovery !!! 100 !!! That's amazing ! I think soon the world will be to samll for you !!! And you'll try Space !!! Goods shots one more time !

  3. hey ian- this week´s theme is a typical souvenir of your city... happy week!

  4. The Baltic States are great Short Break destinations from the UK. Looking forward to hearing about you bring up your century...

  5. Just as fascinating as the other pictures. I envy you the chance to tour like that! Travel safely.


  6. Excellent posting...I appreciate this blog....



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