Thursday, September 23, 2010

Corner View - Humour

Years ago someone gave me a Glen Baxter card, and I thought it was one of the funniest things I'd ever seen. Here are some of his cartoons, including the Eric card, which still makes me smile :)


  1. My son asked me what the English word "subtle" means, maybe I could explain it by showing him these pictures :)

  2. Loved Dorit's comment. I did my post on Brit humor but Glen Baxter's is definitely similar, in that he comes to humor via a very particular ANGLE. Love the wooden shoes!

    And your school post - hey! THANKS for SHARING!

    I had a horrendous 3 weeks in jury duty in July and my hubby (who also attended an olde Englishe publicke school) told me, wimp, what do you think all my years of public school was like?! And gorgeous schoolboys-in-Bhutan photos!

    bravo to you survivors!

  3. The last one could be us trying to find parking in Italy.

  4. reminds me, I have some library books overdue!

  5. Love the humour in these illstrations!

  6. I make greeting cards and those just inspired me to pick up pen!


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