Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Corner View - Monuments

The Giles Statue, Ipswich

The Monument to the Women of Word War II, Whitehall, London

England is full of old monuments but I thought I'd show you a couple of quirky newer ones that I particularly like.

The Giles Statue in Ipswich was erected in 1993 to commemorate the cartoonist Carl Giles, who used to live there. It depicts one of his most famous cartoon characters, Grandma.

The Monument to the Women of World War II was sculpted by John Mills and unveiled by Queen Elizabeth II, in 2005, to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the end of the Second World War. It shows 17 sets of uniforms and clothing representing the various roles of women during the war.


  1. I really like both of these but have not seen them in person yet. I was in holiday in Suffolk in December but didn't actually go into Ipswich.

  2. Welcome back for CV, with two beautiful ideas :)

  3. Very good choice. One is fun and the other so touching.

  4. Good choice in light of Womens Day.

    Nice to have you back, Ian!


  5. Welcome back! Missed your post. Ian given that you are from England do you have any suggestions on where my husband and I can eat Indian in London that won't break the bank. Doesn't have to be super fancy, but definately tasty.

  6. Thank you all for your comments. It's nice to be back.

    I'm sorry, I haven't lived in London for so long that I really wouldn't be the right person to recommend any sort of restaurant there.

  7. Yes, the various roles of women ... how about the mothering and nurturing they still had to do while in uniform? I think that a monument to women should recognize and celebrate all of that too.

  8. PS Sorry, I didn't say welcome you back to CV!


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