Friday, August 6, 2010


We went for a day out at Leeds Castle. It was a typical English summer day: dark, overcast and spitting with rain. We were stopping there on our way to Canterbury, or so we thought. But, just as we were leaving the castle and heading towards the car park, I overheard someone ask, 'Which way are the gardens and the maze?' Have you ever needed help to find your way out of a maze before it closed for the day? We never did make it to Canterbury.


  1. :), the photo of the peacock is so beautiful!

  2. I do like this two person method of seeing the end of the maze.
    My husband gets claustrophobic in mazes, which I didn't know until we tried going through a very large corn maze. We never made it to the end. We had to go out a "panic exit".

  3. sounds like an excellent adventure. never been but heard wonderful things. do they still have an aviary there?

  4. what a beautiful place to get lost in. and hey! you were in spain and you didn´t tell me?!? ;) hope you are enjoying your summer! hugs-jane

  5. I've never been lost in a maze, but I've been lost many other places. Actually when in a foreign country my husband and I like to get lost on purpose. Can be very interesting!

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